Invitation to the next EAAC morning sessions

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Invitation to the next morning sessions as part of the

18 February: Revision of ideas for the update of the EU Industrial Strategy
The European Clusters Alliance wants to include the cluster community in formulating its position paper on recommendations for updating the EU Industrial Strategy. Therefore, we review the points given in the past three sessions and the answers submitted via the survey. Your participation is key in giving the best possible recommendations to update our common industrial policies!

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Search for COVID-19 vaccine production and support capacities
In coordination with the task force on vaccines of the European Commission, the European Clusters Alliance (ECA) and the Council of European BioRegions (CEBR) are working to locate and map all the possible resources available in Europe for the production of vaccines for COVID-19.
This includes the mapping the possible manufacturing facilities themselves, but also all related aspects of vaccine production, including raw materials, vial, syringes, storage and distribution etc.
Furthermore, we want to compile any difficulties and bottlenecks you could identify about the production of vaccines, e.g. regulations, certification etc.

If you are interested in supporting this initative, please fill in the questionnaire on production capacities and contact relevant stakeholders you know.

The organisor: European Clusters Alliance
The European Clusters Alliance is a bottom-up initiative that gathers 18 National Cluster Associations and country ambassadors, representing more than 800 clusters in Europe. The Alliance is the common voice of the European cluster community and aims at positioning industrial clusters as key agents in the European innovative ecosystem for the development and growth of our economy and competitiveness.


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